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Infrastructure Management

We’ll reliably manage your entire technology and communications infrastructure from office phone systems to networks so you can focus on running your business. Emergency support is available 24/7 so you can always be confident that your business is up and running.

Managed Service Provider

We’ll keep your computers and servers running smoothly with ongoing patch and update management, scheduled maintenance for workstations and servers, data backup, antivirus and malware protection, and more.


Our biggest strength is the face-to-face relationships we form with our clients. We take the time to get to know your business, and we give you a plan and help you get everything you need in place. We can give you the best advice on what technology you need for your business, and we’ve consulted with businesses in the Edmonton area from small offices to large corporations.

Package Details

Our ongoing service packages come in three flavours; Base, Alpine and Peak. Our Base package will take care of items like basic support, workstation and server maintenance, backup, and antivirus protection, while our more advanced Peak package is a full-service solution including security and web services. Contact us today to see what package is right for your business.

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Cloud Services

From backing up data securely to running and deploying applications, your business will run better with our expertly managed cloud services. We’re a licensed vendor of all Microsoft Cloud Services, including Microsoft Office 365, and we can set up virtually any cloud storage or computing solution you need.

Audio / Video

From a simple deployment, to complex multi-room audio/video solutions, Stratomer can provide you with the equipment and expertise needed to successfully implement a compelling audio/video experience for your audience.

Web Design and Development

You need a professional website to compete in today’s digital landscape. We’ll create an impactful website that sells your services while making your company look good. We’ll also make sure your site lives up to industry best practices, including responsive design for mobile devices and the proper design structure for good search engine optimization.

Network Design

Say goodbye to shoddy patchwork solutions when you get Stratomer to design your network. Our approach to network design is simple; build a secure, reliable network from the ground up following industry best practices, and maintain it with regular checkups and expert advice for future growth.

Phone Systems

No matter how complex or simple your office phone systems need to be, we’ll find the right end-to-end solution and install and maintain it for you. From digital communications solutions such as Voice Over IP (VOIP) to traditional PBX systems for larger organizations, we’ve got the expertise to manage your business phone systems.

Infrastructure Cabling

We install and monitor cabling for your data and voice communications infrastructure anywhere you need it, both inside and outside the office, and at remote work sites and rural locations. We install cabling and infrastructure components from trusted manufacturers like Cabletalk, Nordx/Beldin, Commscope and Panduit. All of our cabling systems are thoroughly tested and can be certified for 20 years.

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Video Security

Monitor your premises around the clock with Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and other video security technologies installed expertly by our professional and courteous staff. Our video security solutions let you monitor your premises from anywhere, including remote work sites and your home computer.

Alarm Systems

We’ve partnered with trusted vendors to bring you best-in-class solutions for alarm systems with motion sensors, keypads and anything else you need to lock down your premises.

Computer Security

Protect your business with the latest in cyber security technology and monitoring. We’ll keep your workstations and servers secure with monitored antivirus and malware solutions, your network safe with protection from wireless device intrusion and your data protected with secure cloud solutions and hardware.

Secure Data Backups

Stratomer will give you a secure data backup plan that will allow you to easily and reliably back up the data that keeps your business moving. Cloud data storage will let you easily recover data in the event of an emergency from anywhere, and we also can provide industry-leading solutions for clients who prefer to pair remote data backup with an in-house solution.

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24/7 Live Support

Our expert staff are always on call to help you or your employees with any of our managed services. You can choose the live support package that best fits with the support needs of your company, so you’re only paying for what you’ll need.

Mobile Device Support

We’ll make sure your employees can securely collaborate over tablets and smartphones, without posing a threat to your network. Access to email, projects, and other work-related items will help your staff close deals on the road and travel to remote work sites with the full support of your secure network behind them.

IT and Communications Support

If you have a problem with your computer network or phone system, Stratomer will help you solve it as quickly as possible. We know that IT and communications downtime costs your business money. We’ll do everything we can to both initially install a solution that will prevent costly outages and downtime, and help you out whenever you need us.